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Brent Beadle on beautiful Lake Brunner

Casting up a wilderness river.

Drift Boat fishing is a great way to catch fish and see some scenery

The anticipated take as you cast your fly up a beautiful shady feeding run.

Roy Simpson

Lyn out fished the boys

Mr Robert Palncios from Colombia landed 8 trout in 2 hours trolling on Lake Brunner

Mike Berger _ Wisconsin USA fished dries and landed 6, lost 3. The best being 6lb. 25 inches long. Mike had a great time.

Keith Levesque Also from the USA. Keith hired Brent for 3 hours and landed 4 fish, the best being 23 inches long. When he saw it he thought it was a stick until it moved and then he cast and hooked it. Great Fun.

Mosa Hiro was staggered with his day on the Rough River with Brent. He landed 4 rippers, the best being just on 6lb and the fight took Mosa accross and back over the Rough 3 times before he finally managed to get it into Brents net. We couldn't use Mosa's net as it was too small to hold it.

A happy couple

A nice catch

Paul Dosher - USA. A loverly brown trout caught on the shoreline of lake Brunner. Drifting the lake edge and casting to cruising wild trout is a spectacular way to fly fish.

A loverly view of lake Brunner taken from our accommodation.

Guy Faber - Australia. An awesome brown trout caught sight casting.

Fishing a delightful sping creek

Chasing a hooked fish on the Rough River

Another of the Rough River

The prize - Rough River

A typical West Coast spring creek


Doc & Langley having fun

A Beautiful river to fish

The beauty of Lake Brunner

Another great catch

Big Bird entertaining himself!

Brent Beadle.

Chris - One really worthwhile. Crooked River.
0002.jpg - 19989 Bytes
Chris Starts the stalk, has a practice cast
Crooked River.
0003.jpg - 25684 Bytes
Woops wrong one!
Crooked River.

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